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Welcome to one of the most beautiful palaces in Lower Silesia.
Here comfort meets style and history.

Hotel Pałac Bielawa is a historic residence located in a beautiful and quiet town 60 km south of Wroclaw. The convenient location at the foot of the picturesque Owl Mountains allows easy access to the most interesting attractions of Lower Silesia and Northern Bohemia. Our staff will make every effort to ensure that your stay at the Palace is not only comfortable, but also interesting.

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for up to 80 people


Find out interesting facts about our hotel!

  • 01 COMFORT

    Since the comfort of our guests is our priority, we are eager to hear their wishes and opinions. In the hotel buildings there are many amenities made such as a steam room, jacuzzi and an elegant billiard room. Spa Bella Medi at Pałac Bielawa provides a wide range of spa services for health, beauty and well-being.

  • 02 STYLE

    During renovation work at Pałac Bielawa special attention was paid to historic accuracy. In 2004 the buildings were enlisted in the national registry of historical buildings. Nineteenth-century tiled stoves, sandstone portals and wooden doors and panels were all renovated or reconstructed. The rooms are equipped with stylish furniture and curtains.

  • 03 HISTORY

    When the Dierig family began the construction of their residence in the nineteenth century, they wanted the building to represent not only the family's wealth but also the values which their textile empire was built upon. The Dierigs built their power on the belief that nothing is more important than respect for the customer and meeting his expectations.